Who's Who
Board of Trustees

The Honorable Thomas H. Kean, Honorary Chairman

Michele E. Fabrizio

John Barr III
Jacqueline Brevard
Kathleen B. Clingan
Pamela F. Craven
Ann Drzik
Peri Gilpin
T. Randolph Harris
Pamela P. Hirsch
Stephen H. Knee
William T. Knox IV
Rosemary McLaughlin
Richard B. McGlynn

Anisa Mehdi
Karl H. Meister
Ellen O’Connell
Andrew J. O’Connor III
Mary O’Malley
Michael D. Schlesinger
Rick Sordelet
A. Wayne Tamarelli
Thomas Uhlman
Robert K. Upham
Dr. Robert Weisbuch*

The Honorable Ellwood R. Kerkeslager, Mayor of Madison*

*Ex Officio

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey mourns the passing of our
Friend, Company Member, and Trustee





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Who's Who

  Board of Trustees

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