Mission and History

Mission & History: Actor MacAdam Smith works with students in Camden, 2004.As a leader in arts education, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is committed to providing compelling education programs for all ages, with a special focus on developing future generations of audiences and artists.

Taking over the reins of the company in 1990, artistic director Bonnie J. Monte conceived and implemented a major initiative to make education a vital component of the Theatre's mission. Today, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs for students, educators, artists-in-training and the general public. Many of these programs are interconnected, designed to lead participants through ascending levels of discovery and potential. After more than 15 years and over a quarter of a million young people directly impacted by this initiative, the stories abound of children and teachers for whom one of these programs was the springboard for personal growth, transformation and inspiration.

We look to the years ahead with great anticipation as we embark on new adventures: expanding our educational repertoire and creating exciting new ways to experience and understand the classics.