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Life of Galileo
By Bertolt Brecht
Translated by John Willett
Directed by Joe Discher

August 2-21

Sherman Howard and Robbie Collier Sublett. Photo by Gerry Goodstein.
Sherman Howard and Robbie Collier Sublett. Photo © Gerry Goodstein.

"A stunning presentation!"


Astronomer, inventor, mathematician, one of the greatest minds the world has ever known. Galileo Galilei’s unthinkable assertion that the earth revolved around the sun, and was therefore not the center of the universe, turned Renaissance Italy and the Vatican upside down. Peppered with Brecht's unique theatricality, this gripping tale transports us to a time when revolutionary ideas were springing to life as quickly as the inquisitions that tried to squelch them. Featuring Sherman Howard as Galileo Galilei.

The art exhibition, The Celestial Collection, ran concurrently with Life of Galileo at the F. M Kirby Shakespeare Theatre.



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