Summer Professional Training Program
Extreme Training for the Classical Artists of Tomorrow

Equity Company members and SPTP alumni Robbie Sublett and Erin Partin in the Main Stage production of The Cherry Orchard. Photo: Gerry Goodstein, 2006.

May 27-August 13, 2007

for college-aged and early-career adult students

For Actors:

The Apprentice Company

The Next Stage Ensemble

For Directors, Designers and More:

The Intern Company

Graduate Level Internships



A scenic painting intern gilds chairs for the Main Stage production of Measure for Measure. Photo: Medea Villere, 1999.

Each year, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's multi-tiered Summer Professional Training Program offers students from across the United States and abroad clear instruction, individual attention, and thoughtful and candid evaluation in a professional theatre environment.

Training is offered in every aspect of the theatre, from acting and directing to arts administration and theatrical design. Participants learn to strive for excellence, and to relish the exuberance that comes from achieving it, within the context of an acclaimed regional theatre.

More advanced training for early-career actors is also available through our Non-Equity Company and Shakespeare LIVE! touring company.

Summers at The Theatre

Junior / Senior Corps

Apprentice Company

Intern Company

Next Stage Ensemble

Non-Equity Company